Mama do it! Summer-camps…

Way back in March, a mama friend of ours got the idea to organize a Spring-break camp for the kids.  We happened to have 5 mamas and their kids who wanted to participate, so each mother took a day to be the host.  A second mommy signed up to assist each day.  We’re not very good at math, but quickly figured out that we would each have THREE blissfully quiet days that week where our kids were off having fun with someone else and we could enjoy a little down-time.

Our nature hike/scavenger hunt day was very wet, but everyone still had a terrific time!

Each mommy had a terrific plan for what to do on her day and the activities/crafts/snacks were unique each day.  It was such an amazingly good time for all that we knew we’d do it again in the summer.  (And why wouldn’t we?  We EASILY have 3 days worth of sewing or deep house-cleaning or lounging in the back yard with a stack of novels and a pitcher of lemonade…)

And once again we find so much inspiration from other mothers and blogs around the internet that we feel we must share.

This adorable summer camp play set from Tweet Toys by Willow Baus makes us want to shrink ourselves and JUMP into that canoe!

Make and Takes has a great list of activities in their Summer Camp for Kids section, including this very cool kid-made stick raft.

And though we are already married and don’t know anyone planning nuptials anytime soon, we’re bookmarking this Summer Camp-inspired wedding on the Ritzy Bee Blog.  Maybe we need to renew our vows???  (We can start the planning on the days the kiddos are off at summer camp!)

All right, we’ve noticed there seems to be a bit of a canoe/boating theme to our summer-camp round-up.  So we’ll break away from boating to share this tutorial.  Because we all know it wouldn’t be summer (or summer camp) without whipping up a slew of friendship bracelets!  We think these look easy enough for pretty young kids to put together, too.

We like to do a craft on camp days and we NEED to have a snack.  During spring-break camp one mama had the kiddos work some pretzel dough and bake up yummy treats that worked as both.  And for summer camp we think these frozen bananas are a cute, delicious and relatively easy idea!

And finally, we feel like we’d be remiss to leave you without offering some guidance from other mamas who’ve done this make-your-own-summer-camp thing.  Camp Wannalaffa-lotta from Life as Mom looks like a pretty good place to start.

Now go have fun!


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